Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoppy Easter

We had an Easter to remember for sure! I think we were a bit ambitious in planning our Easter events. We planned to attend the 9:30 service and then head over to a brunch with friends. Well we made it half way through the service when our beeper from the nursery went off...Zane was not having it (a bit overwhelmed with the crowds). He was pretty worked up so I texted Gary to go pick Finley up so we could go. We drove around for a little bit while Zane rested and then went to the brunch. Finley had a blast but I think Zane was a bit off due to the nursery experience. It ended up being a great day...will be remembered always!

Hunting for eggs!

Love their little feet in these flip flops!

So proud!!!

Look what the Easter bunny brought!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Party time!

We celebrated a friends 2nd birthday today! It was perfect weather and great company! What a super day!

It was so cute...Finley and Zane stood by daddy just like this for a good 5 minutes while he chatted with a friend! They love their daddy!

This cupcake didn't stand a chance...

Finley took some time to examine her cupcake first then enjoyed it!

Note to self: Get this ikea table for Finley and Zane. They loved it!

Thanks to GG for the precious outfits!


Translation: hat. Finley is into wearing hats therefore Zane is too! Finley requests a "at" usually after nap time so then they wear them around for the rest of the afternoon! It is pretty darn cute!

Zane is also really into stuffed animals right now! He loves his puppies, horse, cow. My little animal lover!

Finley is so cute playing with the Little People! I definitely see lots of pretend play...she even has little "conversations". I wish I knew what all she was saying!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bluebonnets 2011

When I mentioned to Gary that I wanted to take pics of Finley and Zane in the bluebonnets this year his response was..."Again? I thought that was a one time thing. Didn't we take them last year?"
Muuuahhhahaha! He should know me better than that! Bluebonnet pictures are an annual tradition, honey! Anyway, he got out of it because we went with our cousins and Grammy! It was steamy and but got some cute pics!

See ya next year bluebonnets!!!

Then we got to play on the playground!

Friday, April 8, 2011

More fun with Grammy!

We will be sad when Grammy has to go home! It has been great having her here! Thank you, Papa Tank, for sharing her with us for a couple of weeks!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grammy and Papa Tank come to visit!

Grammy and Papa Tank came in for a visit and Grammy gets to stay and play for a couple of weeks! Yay! It has been so great to have her in since most of the grandchildren have been under the weather a bit! It now seems like they are all on the mend so next week we hope to have more fun!

We took everyone to see the house and give them a tour! It was so nice to show it off! It is really coming along and we could not be happier with the progress and outcome!