Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pooh Party details!

I had fun searching for classic pooh materials for Finley and Zane's 2nd birthday party! We had it at the Austin Children's Museum and it turned out to be a perfect location...Easy to set up and clean up and fun for all!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whirlwind weekend!

What a wonderful weekend! We celebrated Finley and Zane's birthday on Saturday with family and friends! On Sunday, Finley and Zane were baptized along with their cousins, Blakeley and Woods. It was a very special weekend! Posts full of pictures coming soon!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

2!!! Really? Already?!?

Happy birthday to you! You two are the light of my life!

My favorite times of each day are when I go in to your rooms and see your smiling faces and hear you say "Mommy!!" followed by "Daddy?, "Dee?" (aka Zane's version of Finley) or "Zane", and "Tanky?"
My other favorite time of each day is bedtime when I finally get a few real snuggles out of you! We read a book and then sing a song and I cherish those few moments of quiet time with each of you!

You are certainly the best of friends. The laughter from the silly games you create is the most precious thing! Since you are in separate rooms now you ask for each other when I come and get you out of bed!

Some things I want to remember always:

Finley: combines "Aunt" and "Sarah" to create her version "Santa"!!! You count by 2's with such exclamation (2! 4! 6!). You sing the alphabet but all I can make out is "E,F, G"! You still LOVE shoes! You have become a little copycat repeating everything we say! You request "dance party" every day before naps! You call yogurt covered raisins "eggs" because they look like little eggs!

Zane: You have discovered firetrucks ("eeuheeuh"), airplanes, and trains (choo-choo") and love them all! You love to laugh and crack yourself up all the time by throwing things! You call shoes "bee-boos"...not sure where that came from! You count also...2!, 2!, 2! You love to dance...and have quite the moves! You still blow kisses and I love it! Your cheeks are still the most kissable cheeks!

I can not imagine my life without you two! Each day is an adventure! I am so lucky to be your mommy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finley's post naptime Pooh party!

This is the second time I found Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet like this after naptime! I am so glad I had the camera handy this time! She is just too funny!!! Who knows what she is up to!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little B-ball!

Zane was showing off his moves!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Like School! ...written by mommy

We are just 2 weeks into the school year. Overall things are going well with the exception of drop offs for little Z! I know the magic # is 3 weeks so I am hoping by the end of next week drop off will be tear-free! Today they both walked in holding my hand and made it to the classroom without any tears, then a simple "good morning!" from his teacher was all it took...wahhahh! Baby steps!

The teacher in me came out and I created an "I Like School" book to brainwash remind Z of all the positives about school! He loves the book and his favorite page is his teachers!! We will get there...one day!!!

Here are a few excerpts...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturday morning snuggles!

Saturday mornings tend to be pretty slow and relaxing! Finley and Zane like to "play" on mommy and daddy's bed so we help them up and try to work in a few snuggles with them although it is mostly wiggling and giggling!!

Finley requested "TB on" so I obliged and she watched all of 1 minute before playing again (they are just not really into the TV...guess I should be glad)!

Birthday party fun!

August was birthday party month for us...we had 1 if not 2 birthday parties every weekend! It was fun playing with all of our friends! We partied in our jammies, jumped at the bouncy house, rode the train, tumbled at the gym, and played at Gorgeous Millie!

Since we have been to so many parties recently Finley now loves to sing Happy Birthday and if we dare say the word "party" she will respond with "CAKE?!"!! I think she has momma's sweet tooth!

Here are some party pics from a couple of the birthday parties this past month!

Hanging with the birthday girl, Foley!

Celebrating Colin's b-day!

Playing with the birthday boy!