Monday, June 25, 2012

Z is for Zane!

Finley was playing with the magnetic letters while I was playing with Zane and I heard her in the background saying Z for Zane, N for Zane, E for Zane, A for Zane. I wasn't too sure what she was doing but they she exclaimed "I did it. That Zane!" I went to check it out and she had put all the letters in Zane's name together...sort of (they were not in the right order and the "A" was really a "V" but overall I was impressed)!

So proud!

I wouldn't be surprised if Zane is able to spell cars, train, and truck before his name...this boy loves his vehicles!

Feathered friend!

We have a new friend in the neighborhood! This young yellow crowned night heron has been hanging around our house this past week and we are having fun watching it and talking about it! Luckily my next door neighbor is a birder and was able to identify it for us! 

Strike a pose!

After daddy had just finished cutting the grass, Finley wanted to give it a shot too! 

She found out that yard work is hard work!

I went around to the other side to get a pic of her face and this is the pose I get...ha! I just love this pic! 

Of course, Zane wanted in on the action too!

Enjoying the freshly cut grass!

Can't forget my furry babies! 

Girl talk with Tanky!

 Just being extra cautious on the scooters!

Gone Fishing!

We went "fishing" the first week of summer and I was really excited to break out some of my teaching stuff from my Ocean Unit bin.  Unfortunately Finley and Zane's excitement did not match mine!  I had it all set up and demonstrated how to catch a fish and after just 2 short minutes they were over it and wanted to "swim"! No worries...the ocean unit bin is pretty full and there are lots more fun things to try!  

Just see how excited they are, ha!!!

Oh, a smile and success!

...and we're done! 

Although the fishing wasn't a success, we still managed to be silly and have fun! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer mornings...

This boy loves firetrucks! He doesn't sit still long unless he's got a book about...firetrucks!

Our typical morning routine...Zane is finished with breakfast and playing while Finley takes...her...sweet...little...time! 

Pink toe nails!

Finley got her first pedicure last weekend! GG got her some polish and she requested the pink right away...shoulda known! I quickly showed her how she needed to sit very still while I painted my own and boy is she is a quick learner because she sat very still while I painted her teeny tiny toe nails! How cute are those pink toes!

She was so proud of them and even showed her swim teacher at swim lessons!