Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House update!

Things are progressing nicely! We now have a roof with shingles, tyvek is partially up, and windows downstairs! All this has happened in 2 days! Wow!

Spring Break 2011

We had a pretty quiet Spring Break here and just did our usual routine for the most part with the exception of the Rodeo and some pool time thanks to Sarah!! This was our first time since last summer that we have been “swimming” so I was anxious to see how they would like it! The water was FREEZING but Finley enjoyed it with a “whoa” here and there as she got splashed!

 IMG_7419 IMG_7425 IMG_7426 IMG_7436

Zane wanted nothing to do with the frigid H2O…I don’t blame him! So instead he did a little yard work…just a little mowing, sweeping, and watering…this boy can do it all!

IMG_7446 IMG_7431 IMG_7432 IMG_7433 IMG_7438

Gardening 101

We had some yard work done last week and Finley and Zane were examining the work! Who knew fresh new mulch could be so fun!

IMG_7354 IMG_7356 IMG_7357 IMG_7359 IMG_7363

Giddyup…our first Rodeo!

We headed to the Rodeo last week and took in all the sights and sounds! We hit up Kidstown first where they had Farmer for a day, pony rides, petting zoo, puppet show and more!

 IMG_7364  IMG_7381 IMG_7384 IMG_7386 IMG_7389

IMG_7827 IMG_7820

We cheered on Blakeley and Woods as they rode the pony! Woods was a natural cowboy…giggled the whole time!!

IMG_7407 IMG_7409 

Then we checked out all the animals in the Livestock show! We even got to see a BEVO!! Hook ‘em!


I braved it on my own and we had a good time (thankfully Sarah and Brant were there).  I am looking forward to better planning next year so that daddy can go with us and we can experience all that the Rodeo has to offer!



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finley and Zane earn their keep!

I am finally getting some help around here…’bout time!!

FYI…It may sound loud in the video but it really isn’t much louder than a hairdryer!

Nah…momma just got her new favorite toy…a 2-in-1 vacuum/hand vac (thank you, GG)!! I love it…it is lightweight for those small messes and I can just unsnap the hand vac and take it to the car to clean up all of F and Z’s leftovers! Oh and best of all… it is cordless and pretty darn powerful!

Zane’s form is impressive, huh?!!?

I was so surprised when Finley jumped in to help too.  Normally she is terrified of the regular vacuum! It was a hit all around!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!!

We celebrated in style thanks to Grammy (shirts) and GG (accessories)!!! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

 IMG_7304 IMG_7307 IMG_7315 IMG_7320 IMG_7328

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kite Fest 2011

We headed down to the Kite Fest again this year.  We’ve come a long way since last year when we were able to put Finley and Zane on a blanket and they stayed on it! This year we chased them around! It was so fun to watch their excitement as they took in all the sights and sounds!

Kite Fest 2010

kite 2010 kite 2010a

Kite Fest 2011

IMG_7297 IMG_7227 IMG_7229 IMG_7233 IMG_7244 IMG_7247 IMG_7248 IMG_7255

I really think Zane thought he had won the lottery when someone’s kite landed right next to him! He wasn’t too happy when I pulled him away!


Like father, like son! Love these boys!


 IMG_7272 IMG_7284 IMG_7286 IMG_7290

We were lucky to meet up with some of our friends too! It was a gorgeous day and was so happy enjoy it with friends and family!

The DiPasquale’s

IMG_7276 IMG_7237 IMG_7240  IMG_7266

The Peden’s


The Millers!

IMG_7264  IMG_7259IMG_7275 IMG_7302 

Until next year!!!