Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! 
Hope your day is filled with lots of sweetness!

Too cool!

Who is that stud muffin?!?! Why it is Zane testing out his new sunglasses from Grammy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Telephone ears!

There have been a lot of little things lately that I have wanted to jot down so that I can remember.  Finley and Zane are saying the funniest things and I don't want to is just so cute!

  • Let's start off with "telephone ears". Gary has been letting Finley listen to music through ear phones and tonight she requested "telephone ears, Finley want telephone ears"! It took us a second to realize she wanted the ear phones! 
  • Name calling...Zane calls Finley "Dee". He calls Grammy "Mimi,  He calls Aunt Sarah "YaYa". Not sure where he came up with these but it is pretty cute!
  • They are both enjoying singing the alphabet and counting aloud and can do it well on their own now.  But not too long ago Finley would count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.... and Zane would count 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2...and he was so proud! 
  • I guess we do a pretty good job of encouraging with phrases such as "good boy, zane" or "good girl, Finley" because Zane will often come over pat me and say "good girl, mommy.  good girl".  Sweetest.Boy.Ever!
  • Finley is in the stage where she wants to do everything by herself and will tell you "Finley do it". She wants to dress I let her...if we are not going anywhere because although she can get everything on, it is usually on backwards.  She is improving daily though! 
  • Finley's sweet teacher at school wears a bindi. One afternoon I was reading a naptime story and Finley had a leftover mini ritz cracker. She innocently placed it on her forehead and mentioned her teacher's name.  She was very serious and wanted me to know that her teacher wore something special.
  • Like I have said before I love the snuggle time right before bedtime when we sing songs.  We have our favorite songs that we sing and they are both singing with us now.  I let my voice fade and take their lead so I can listen to their sweet little voices sing.  My heart melts ever sing night!
Gosh, I know there are so many more but it is late my brain isn't functioning anymore! I may have to come back and add more!

 Finely and her telephone ears!