Saturday, January 29, 2011

We are all alike, we are all different

Happy 16 month birthday!! You are both so entertaining!! As you both grow it becomes more evident how alike you are but also how different you both are!


  • Weight: 22 lbs 15 oz
  • Height: 30 7/8 inches
  • You have become quite the little copy cat!
  • You are continuing to surprise me with new words everyday…”mommy” (finally), “bye bye”, “no no no” (she is imitating this as I am saying it a lot more these days!), “movie” (okay so they only watch in the car…I feel like I am a safer driver knowing they are content!), “milk”, “shoes”, “socks”, “yucky” and more that I can’t think of right now!
  • You are “Miss Independent” as the church nursery staff calls you! So far you really enjoy going to the church nursery!
  • You can throw quite the fit when mean mommy takes something away that is not safe (arch back fall to the floor kinda fit).  You will learn quickly that former preschool teacher mommy can ignore such fits!!  (So far it hasn’t happened in public so I may retract the previous statement!)
  • When I say wiggle…you wiggle and giggle!!


  • Weight: 22 lbs 15 oz
  • Height: 29 1/2 inches
  • I love watching your dancing moves! You love to bounce and stomp your little feet!
  • You LOVE to be walk backwards with a sly little smile and then you just giggle when we catch you!!
  • You are saying “uh-oh”,  “ball”, “bow” (since I am always asking Finley where her bow is, it has become a fun game for us all?!?), “water”, he signs “eat” (of course) and “all done”.
  • You are going through a little separation anxiety right now and you down right hate it are not too fond when we leave you at the church nursery.  I am adding activities to our weekly routine to get us out and experience different environments to hopefully help this issue! Love you tons!
  • Zane got a new pair of kicks…the cutest little New Balance shoes. He looks so grown up in them!


They have just transitioned to one nap! I had heard horror stories of how difficult the transition is.  I don’t know if I am incredibly lucky or if this is the calm before the storm but you have done fabulously well! I think you were so ready for the change! We are staying busy in the morning and now can get out again in the afternoon!

We had their second ear infection…ugh!

You both are still great eaters. 


Finley and Zane eating a snack in the church nursery!


IMG_0571  IMG_0567

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pony tail and peek-a-boo!

Tried  a pony tail on Finley just for the fun of it! How cute is that?!  It didn’t stay in long but I was able to snap a quick pic!IMG_6790IMG_6791 

Just a fun game of Peek-a-boo!


Zane didn’t want to play after I got the camera out…of course! So here he is asking for more “O’s” (cheerios)!!!


House Renovation

The house renovation is underway and we are so happy with the progress! We took Finley and Zane by the other day and let them down in their rooms for just a second for a quick pic (not so safe for little ones yet)!

Finley likes her room!


Zane exploring his new room!


The roof is up!!


Standing in the great room!


Pug attack!!!

Finley and Zane have been giving “hugs” to Tank and Vader!! I don’t know if Tank and Vader quite know what is going on!  It is too funny to watch.  Finley and Zane think it is funny too!IMG_6795IMG_6801IMG_6798IMG_6803 IMG_6804

On your marks, get set,…



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Blakeley and Woods!

January is a fun month in the Miller house…Blakeley and Woods’ birthdays!  We were so excited to celebrate at their puppy party last weekend! Despite the rainy weather fun was had by all and in Blakeley’s words…”It is a beautiful day!”

Sarah planned a wonderful party…check out all the details!!

IMG_6717IMG_6730  IMG_6719 IMG_6720 IMG_6721 IMG_6722 IMG_6724 IMG_6727


Everyone was entertained by the balloon man and a puppy bouncy house!

 IMG_6740 IMG_6747 IMG_6751 IMG_6754 IMG_6760 IMG_6767 IMG_6781 IMG_6783

Everybody Dance Now

Within the last week or so Finley and Zane have started to bust some moves! It is so cute to watch! As soon as they hear music playing they begin to dance!! Zane demonstrates more of a bouncing move and Finley’s is more of the robot!! Check out Finley in the beginning of the video…heehee!! So You Think You Can Dance’s future contestants!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just a little bedhead!!

I can’t wait to go in the bebes room each morning to greet them!  Not only because I  get to see the sweetest smiles, but also Finley’s bedhead! I never know what to expect! Here is just a taste…it is too cute!!!

IMG_6680 IMG_6678

IMG_6535 IMG_6532

Oh and Zane goes to sleep with perfect hair and wakes up with perfect hair!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lions, tigers, bears…oh my!!

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! How about you, you, you?!

We headed to the Austin Zoo while GG and Grand P were in town and really enjoyed ourselves! Finley has been pointing to animal pics/toys and saying the sounds that they make so we decided it was time for her to see the real thing!! 

On our way we hit up a little Mexican dive for lunch and it was scrumptious! Senor Buddy’s…gotta love the name!!

IMG_6459 IMG_6458

Time for the zoo….

IMG_6502a IMG_6462 IMG_6464 IMG_6466 IMG_6472 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6483 IMG_6489 IMG_6492

Here they are chasing the turkey!!!

IMG_6493 IMG_6494 IMG_6498

We ran into these crazy folks!!!


It was fun and can’t wait to go back…and ride the train next time!!