Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day fun!

We had a fun filled Memorial Day Weekend! GG and Grampy came in and are slowly moving into their new Austin home!! We are so excited!!
GG brought Finley and Zane some new toys to have over at her house and they loved them...

Pool time!

Enjoying a train ride with GG!

Then we headed over to some friends to splash around and grill out! As always, the Anderson's were gracious hosts and we had a fabulous time hanging out with everyone!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gearing up for summer!

So based on our visit to the splash pad and the failed attempts at the backyard baby pools, I am working on fostering a love of water for Finley and Zane! (Just to clarify...they love their nice warm water in the bath tub but not so much with the colder water elsewhere)! This Momma hopes to be spending many days at the pool or splash pad this summer! So as I was cleaning out the yucky mess that the rain had left in our water tables, Finely and Zane showed some interest in the the hose and bubbles that the soap was creating. So I let Zane hold the hose and put some bubbles in the water table! They got all nice and soaked while playing in the COLD water! I'd say that is progress!

Zane is so proud!

Finley enjoyed washing the pinwheels!

Tank and Vader enjoyed the company outside too...and the water in the water tables! They were pretty thirsty from the 100 degree heat!

Splash Pad is open!!!!

We spent quite a bit of time at the splash pads last summer and I've been looking forward to them opening back up. Well, they are up and running! We visited a new one after quite an adventure (massive field trip at one, city workers fixing another, and finally third one was a charm!)
Blakeley and Woods came too and LOVED it! Unfortunately Finely and Zane forgot how much they enjoyed it last year and weren't too keen on the idea of being splashed! I am determined to remind them of how fun it can be!

Ahh, back on dry ground!!

My little helpers...

Zane gave momma a break and pulled Finley in the wagon!

Finley and Zane wanted in on all the painting that I've been doing lately! They were pretty interested in all the new "toys" that are out in the garage!

Notice that Finley picked out her shoes for the afternoon...either she is starting a new trend or is a bit indecisive like her momma!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

House Update!!

The house is really coming along and Finley and Zane are able to walk around a little bit!! I think they are liking their new house!

Checking out the view!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nature Center

Our first visit to the Nature and Science Center was a hit! We looked at some animals and fossils then headed to the DINO PIT!! they got to dig for dino bones and put their feet in the sand (looks like we need a trip to the beach)!! It was a beautiful day...we will have to go back soon!

Finley and Zane were interested in some other visitors and stared smiled at them for a minute. Then Finley squatted behind Zane and played peek-a-boo! It was the cutest!

Where's Finley?

There she is!

Right after the peek-a-boo game, she gave Zane a great big hug! I hope this huggy phase sticks around!!! I love it!