Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just playing around…

A little time on our tummies…

 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0651

Testing out the Bumbo chairs!

IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654



Saturday, December 26, 2009

All smiles!

Finally we were able to capture on camera!

Just too cute!


zane smile2zane smile

All bundled up!

Thanks to Grammy and Papa Tank for their new sweat suits…we can now go on a walk even when it is cold outside! We tested them out and they were just perfect!

 IMG_0625 IMG_0630IMG_0631

A very merry Christmas

We celebrated Finley and Zane’s first Christmas in Austin! They were very good little babies so Santa was very nice to them! They were also spoiled by their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! thank you to everyone for making their first Christmas so memorable!

Aunt Angela and Uncle Joe came all the way from Arizona to spend Christmas with us! We had a blast playing with you!

The Perez boys!


Uncle Joe chatting with Miss Finley!


Visiting around the fire pit!



We spent Christmas Eve over at Aunt Sarah’s…

IMG_0465IMG_0467 IMG_0462 

Blakeley helps Zane open his present!

 Blakeley helps Zane open his present! IMG_0601 IMG_0602

Blakeley loves her new umbrella and rain boots from Grammy!


Uncle G and Blakeley carrying their babies around!


It is getting late and we were pushing our luck trying to get a good picture! We should have tried it earlier in the evening!

IMG_0617  IMG_0622

We hope everyone’s Christmas was as joyous as ours!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone’s holidays are filled with joy! ornament

IMG_0535  IMG_0566

Photo shoot…

One of Gary’s coworkers offered to snap some pictures of the babies, so I decided we would make the most of it and get all dressed and try and get some family shots…HAHAHA!  They did not have a good morning nap so they were of course fussy all afternoon. He did get some neat shots  though and we hope to try it again when they are a little older.

 famIMG_2483 IMG_2345 IMG_2361 IMG_2370 IMG_2415 IMG_2443 IMG_2455

And our furry babies…

IMG_2337 IMG_2335

Christmas Playdate

Allison and the fam came in from Birmingham to celebrate Christmas Texas style! We were so lucky to be able to visit over at Sarah’s for a cookie decorating playdate!  Finley and Zane did not do much decorating, but mommy certainly helped out by cleaning up (aka eating the cookies!!!)! Here are a few pics from the day…

Laine and Blakeley greeting Finley and Zane!


The delicious cookies made by Sarah


Let the decorating begin…


Davis chasing the ball around!


Finley and Zane just chillin’!


Blakeley and Mommy decorating…

IMG_0580 IMG_0576

Blakeley’s favorite part was eating the cookies!

IMG_0584 IMG_0577  IMG_0579 IMG_0578


So as I was preparing to leave, I asked Gary to help dress the kiddos.  Can you guess which one Gary dressed?  I was just cracking up at Zane’s outfit! Don’t worry, I put the shirt inside the pants before we left!