Friday, June 12, 2009

23 week update.

23 weeks today! So a lot has been going on behind the scenes lately! My doctor is being very proactive regarding the dizzy spells.  I have seen a neurologist for an EEG and cortisol bloodwork, who then recommended a echocardiogram.  All of the tests have come back normal...whew! So today at my appt, my doctor attributed the dizzy spells to twin pregnancy...he just said that everything is being compressed and with the rapid growth that I just need to drink fluids and lie on my left side.  I do think that lack of activity and increased resting is helping.  Haven't had a dizzy spell since last Monday!

On to today's 1-hour glucose test...not so good.  It was 157 and they want it to be under 140...BOOOO! I get to go back for the 3-hour test next week.  I can't wait (insert sarcasm)!

Any of you have any advice for the 3-hour or diet changes I should make?


Amy said...

Oh no! I am sorry to hear that you have to re-take the glucose test... you are in my prayers!

Love you, oodles!

Allison said...

I failed the glucose test with Laine with similar numbers. Did you fast beforehand? I fasted for the 3 hour and passed.

The drink is so disgusting. Yuck.

Leigh said...


Came over from blog-surfing :)

I also had the dizzy spells - it's all normal and thankfully, mine stopped about a month or two ago.

Oh, I'm also pg with twins

Leigh said...

Oh P.S. ours are also boy-girl twins :)