Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nine Months

So it is close to impossible to get a good pic of these squirmy worms together!

 IMG_2956IMG_2960 IMG_2959

Gonna try again when I have some extra hands to entertain!


what’s been going on:

  • You love to make each other laugh.
  • You are enjoying pool time!
  • You both want to feed yourself finger foods. Some new foods you have tried and like…cottage cheese, blueberries, beans, pancakes, peaches, kiwi,muffin.
  • You are both crawling all over the place and exploring! Today you knocked the dog bowl over and got ALL wet!
  • Still no teeth!
  • You both “dance” when you hear music!!
  • Every time we go in to get Finley after naps or in the morning she is standing in her crib! She loves to stand and pull up on everything!
  • Zane is pulling up to kneeling on everything and will be standing soon!
  • You love our walks in the morning in the little red wagon
  • You are taking  2 naps.
  • You are already starting to grab toys out of one another’s hands!
  • You want to play with everything that is NOT a toy…camera, remote, mommy’s shoes, dog bones, phones, etc.

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