Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of Preschool...ever!

So I have to admit as ready as I was to have a few hours to myself, I was pretty nervous about today! Judging from past experience, leaving Finley and Zane with people they do not know has not gone very well...at all.

Drop off went better than I expected...I gave them each a kiss, told them I loved them and said I'd be back later, then I walked out. Not sure that they realized I was leaving which I was okay with!

After parent orientation we walked by their room and heard no crying...whew. Then as I was walking out the door I heard sweet Zane crying but only for a few seconds. As I peeked in the window I saw that his teacher was holding him and they were getting ready for snack. I decided that I should leave so I did and ran about 20 errands when I would typically only be able to do about 2 of those errands with 2 toddlers...crazy how much you can get done!

When I picked them up they were happy which is all I can ask for!! Got a good report from their teachers although they did not like the transition to the playground, and did not like diaper changes (nah, really?!?!). Overall a great first day!

Oh, Sarah and I signed up to be co-room moms...fun! So I was excited to put together a fun little First Day Survival Kit for the teachers...got the idea from Pinterest!

Fun little items included minus the water, advil, and chocolate! I had most of the items already so it was an easy little gift to put together!


Courtney said...

Oh my, they look so big. Cute pics and really great idea for the teachers!

Amy said...

Those pictures are priceless! Just made my day!

I am so glad that you will get a few hours to yourself, and so excited that Finley and Zane are starting their first experience with school! :)