Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two and a half!

Two and a half years old! 
What fun and exhausting this age can be! 

Zane just loves to laugh and run! Not a day goes by that he is not covered in sweat.  He loves to "drive me car", "drive daddy's car," "drive GG's car"...and drive just about anybody's car! Loves to give hugs and kisses....he will just come up to me throughout the day to give a hug and a kiss! I love how he says "yeoh" and will ask him questions just to hear him say it!  

Finley, Finley, Finley!! She is the boss...or at least she thinks she is! She will ask tell Zane to carry her scooter or get her car and he does it...what a gentleman! She loves her brother so much! She can name just about all the letters with an example such as F for Finley, Z for Zane, G for GG, D for daddy, B for Blakeley, W for woods, etc! Nothing gets by Finley...she is very detail oriented!

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