Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hitting the Hot Springs...

Emmett was eager to go to the hot springs so at his recommendation we headed to the pool for a day of swimming.  The hot springs had something for everyone... a splash pad for the littles, a 2 foot deep pool, larger pools for anyone, water slides and an obstacle course for the big kids, and more.  We had a blast and even returned for more fun later in the week!

Getting ready to head to the pool!

Zane is most likely shouting "Emmett, Emmett!!"

Thanks, Grammy, for the cute suit!

Finley and Zane absolutely loved Emmett and Ethan! 

Steamboat Hot Springs...

Zane went off the diving board to daddy... so brave!

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Reina said...

Zane went off the diving board?? WOW!! what a cute little family you have, Suz : )