Friday, October 26, 2012

First Campout

Gary has talked about camping out with the kids recently and this weekend was pretty open so if it didn't go well no big deal because we don't have anything planned! Oh, I guess I need to mention that the camping will be done in our own backyard!  The night is not over yet but they were so excited to camp out with daddy and they finally fell asleep.  

After school they got a surprise...sleeping bags, PJs, and slippers.

They wanted to take the outside immediately!

Gary "practiced" with them a little and let them get comfy while I snapped photos fixed dinner.

Just a little bit excited, can you tell?!

Then we ate dinner...outside of course!

Got them ready for bed and bundled them up for the cold front that came through.

Nighty, night! I bet I should have coffee ready for daddy in the AM!

In case you were wondering...I like to camp too, but someone had to stay inside with the pugs!!!!

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