Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Playdate

Allison and the fam came in from Birmingham to celebrate Christmas Texas style! We were so lucky to be able to visit over at Sarah’s for a cookie decorating playdate!  Finley and Zane did not do much decorating, but mommy certainly helped out by cleaning up (aka eating the cookies!!!)! Here are a few pics from the day…

Laine and Blakeley greeting Finley and Zane!


The delicious cookies made by Sarah


Let the decorating begin…


Davis chasing the ball around!


Finley and Zane just chillin’!


Blakeley and Mommy decorating…

IMG_0580 IMG_0576

Blakeley’s favorite part was eating the cookies!

IMG_0584 IMG_0577  IMG_0579 IMG_0578


So as I was preparing to leave, I asked Gary to help dress the kiddos.  Can you guess which one Gary dressed?  I was just cracking up at Zane’s outfit! Don’t worry, I put the shirt inside the pants before we left!


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