Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just a couple of kumquats.

10 weeks! Friday's have become overly celebrated lately...the end of the exhausting work week, and a new week in the growth of the babies! This week marks the end of the embryo stage and the beginning of the fetal period...they are each the size of a kumquat.

Now yesterday morning, aka Friday the 13th, started out rough for me...I discovered my very first (and hopefully last) spotting.  Of course, scared outta my mind, I called the emergency line and one of the docs called back.  He tried to reassure me that this is very normal throughout pregnancy and told me to monitor and call if i experienced any cramping or bright red.  I was kinda scatter brained at work in the morning and went potty any chance I would get.  Luckily all was clear.

After my OB appt on Tuesday, my doc warned me that I could have some spotting for a couple of days after the tests, but I had had nothing...until Friday.  So I was probably a bit overly paranoid, but I am okay with that!  Everyone who I have talked to who had some spotting during pregnancy has reassured me not to worry...I am not worried anymore!

So now I begin my SPRING BREAK vacation...nothin but a whole lotta R&R!!! Ahhhhh!

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Ashley Hight said...

I know spotting is worrisome but if it makes you feel any better, I spotted with both pregnancies during the 1st trimester. It helped to lay down on my side and drink lots of water.