Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have not posted about any pregnancy symptoms yet.  I do have to say I consider myself very lucky...I have not gotten sick.  Now here is what is happenning...
  • 1. Nausea: I am nauseous in the morning, I think mainly due to the prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach, but it does linger throughout the morning.  I have a bottle of OJ with me at all times which seems to help.
  • 2. Food Aversions: I think this was my very first one early at 5.5 weeks or so when I was cooking chicken and had to get Gary to finish...haven't cooked chicken since. Things just don't sound good to me.
  • 3. Smells: My sense of smell is certainly hightened...not so good when potty training 4 and 5 year olds at school! 
  • 4. Sore Ta-Ta's: They were very sore early on, but that has subsided a bit.
  • 5. Frequent pottying: So I get up about 5-6 times a night to pee.  I was just amazed that this symptom started so early on.  I read that it could be due to increased production of blood.
  • 6. Fatigue: Geez am I tired! I crawl into bed around 8ish, but don't sleep well mostly due to #5.
  • 7. Hunger: I can't seem to eat enough! I eat, and an hour later I am STARVING!  I always have a bag of saltines in my purse for emergencies!
Please don't think I am complaining...I am embracing these as best I can!!! I have waited a ONG tome to have these symptoms!  I am learning very quickly that I am not in control of my body any more! 2 little "kidney beans" have taken over!

Gary is being so great...I am not cooking dinner, so he has to fend for himself at the moment!  He even brought me ice cream in bed this evening! Awww!


Heather said...

I will tell you from experience that pregnancy with twins makes everything much more intense than just a singleton pregnancy. I have an 8-year-old daughter and am now 19 weeks along with twins and it's so different everything you are talking about. More food aversions, more hunger (BTW, everything tastes so good to me!), etc. I'm not complaining either. My DH has been fantastic too. He's been taking care of dinner a lot.

Allison said...

Try those 100 calorie snack packs that have Goldfish, etc to eat between meals. It helped with nausea and hunger during the day for me.

BTW- I love the look of the new blog. How did you do that?

Ashley said...

All right Suz, I'm ready for a belly picture!!!