Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good company

Sarah and Blakeley came over today  and it was so fun watching Blakeley play! She enjoyed breaking in the nursery!

I can’t believe we were able to squeeze Miss B into this chair with me!  If you haven’t seen me,  my belly is lopsided.  You can kinda tell that it shifts to the left. It  does look pretty funny!


Blakeley put “Tank” to sleep in the swing.  She just loved the swing!


She tested out the crib and the changing table!  It all works! I think we are officially ready!


Very early on in my pregnancy, my doc said I “most likely wouldn’t make it to my due date so let’s shoot for 9-9-09. Good date, huh?”  Sounded like a good date at the time…sounds like an even better date right now!  Oh well, no news yet.


Allison said...

That girl is ready to be a cousin! Glad the little Tank tested out the swing. Maybe if I mail my gift to you tomorrow, you will go into labor.

B and D said...

Your lop sided belly cracks me up! I guess that's what happens with two battling for space. You look awesome, though!! I'm so happy that you've made it to your goal date and hope that for your sake the babies decide that the time is right very soon :)

Amy said...

Thinking of you, and the full moon, and 9/9/09! :)

Elisabeth said...

So proud of you for baking those babies this long! Cheers to you Suzanne! You are already an amazing Mommy!!!

karen said...

I can't believe the twins chose NOT to be born on my birthday! I was willing to share!! After all, I've had so Many of them!!! I'm so glad progress has been made----I did vote for this week!!! Hurry up babies!!!! Karen