Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!



Finley and Zane thoroughly enjoyed their first Halloween…can’t you tell?!?



Blakeley came over in her butterfly costume and she was just too cute!!


We were even able to get a cousin picture this time!



Grammy is here to celebrate also!



karen said...

Oh my gosh!!What cute little pumpkins!! In spite of the colic, they are noticeably thriving!!
Speaking of colic--I went through it too with children and grands---Awful!! We did everything--took everyones advice--I'm not sure anything worked but I do remember puting a baby carrier (with baby aboard) on top of the clothes dryer and turning it on!! I think she was quiet for awhile---probably in shock!! --or maybe it was the white noise and the warmth!! The good news is that when you're at your wits end-- it goes away!! then you worry--"Why are they so quiet---are they sick?!!" In spite of it all, you all look great!! Still praying for you all! Karen

Anonymous said...

sooo adorable!!