Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bath time!

So bath time is changing…I needed a way to fit both of them in the tub at the same time, so I found these bath chairs and figured we would try them out.  They are not quite ready to sit up on their own or in the other bath seats I’ve seen, so we are trying out these in the meantime. 

bath sensored

I was bathing them separately and that was okay when Gary was home to entertain one while I bathed the other, but when I do bath time alone I want to do them together

How do/did you other moms of twins do bath time?


Duchess said...

I was a nanny to two sets of twins (23mths apart)I used to set up a bath station in the laundry room and use either the kitchen or utility sink. I started with the yougest and had the other youngest in the bouncer/exersaucer I would do the full bath/dress and then start on the next moving right down the line until everyone was clean.

Allison said...

It looks like you found a good solution on your own. Don't worry, it will change again and again. And you keep changing your game plan. It definitely won't be boring at your house.

B and D said...

Where did you get those bath seats?? The only one I've seen like them didn't have the side support and I think Aiden wants to sit up more in the bath. So that one would be perfect!

Heather said...

I'd love to know where you found those bath seats too! I still bathe the boys separately. After dinnertime, one will stay in their high chairs and I bring down the changing pad from upstairs and put it on the island in the kitchen. I still use a baby tub where they are reclined like these seats and I put it in the kitchen sink. I bathe them one at a time in that and then dress them and everything in the kitchen. They either go right to bed when they are done with their bath if they are acting especially cranky or they can play in the living room while I bathe the second baby.