Friday, January 22, 2010

More toys!

A couple of weeks ago I started to notice a need for additional entertainment.  The playmats, bouncy seats, and swings were just not cutting it anymore! So I assembled the jumperoo and excersaucer and have added them to the play repertoire…we rotate: bouncy seats, jumperoo/excersaucer, playmats, then rinse and repeat with a walk or two thrown in there some days!  They are really starting to get the hang of it…it is so cool to watch them explore!! They can turn all the way around in the excersaucer and are jumping in the jumperoo!


We really need a playroom! Our living room has turned into Toys-R-Us!! That is little Woods in the picture…he came over to play last week!




Heather said...

We know the feeling! That's the exact term my MIL used. She said our living room looked like Babies R Us!

Amy said...

I love the video - it seems like I haven't seen them in so long and they have changed so much - they are growing up fast! Hopefully, I can come over and play soon!

Love you all!

Bec said...

They are just gorgeous! :)