Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dining out!

GG and I took the babies out for lunch! This is their first time to dine out in a restaurant and they did SUPER…beginners luck!!! Of course their first restaurant had to be Mexican so we went to Zocalo!  We got our food to-go just in case we needed to bolt, but no need for that! We even sat there for a few minutes after we finished eating! 

IMG_0212IMG_0207IMG_0209 IMG_0210 IMG_0211


Amy said...

Those look like neat highchair seat things! What are they?

Now that they have their first lunch behind them, they should try lunch with Aunt Amy!

Heather said...

I love the high chair seat things too. I'd love to know what they are too.

Suzanne said...

They are NoJo Secure-Me Travel Seat. I got them at Babies r Us and they were 19.99. They still just need a little support in those big restaurant highchairs. It has another part for the grocery cart hand rail, but did not use it for this.

Here they are at Amazon...

I can not take credit for finding this...another mom of twins used them and said it worked well for her!

Leigh said...

That's exactly why I came to comment too :)

I wonder if we have them here in South Africa LOL