Monday, February 15, 2010


We have determined that we like rice cereal, so I decided to try a new flavor…squash it is! No gagging or spitting it out, so I think it was a success! Besides the mess, they are doing very well with eating!  Only vices…Zane likes to shove his hands in his mouth after every spoonful and Finley is just  distracted by everything!

Yes, we have resorted to feeding them in their diapers…it started off that I would just take off their shirts, but that wasn’t good enough!  I am figuring out that I might need to strip down too as I am covered at the end of it as well! Maybe I’ll just wear whatever color I am feeding them so it blends in!





Heather said...

Yes, food is messy! They are so cute.

Allison said...

Green peas typically are not as messy because it's thicker. Squash and sweet potatoes are pretty runny (and messy).

Might I also suggest plastic bibs instead of cloth (for when you are in public and can't strip them down). A lot easier to clean.