Friday, April 9, 2010

Ahh, Spring!

We are once again taking full advantage of this incredible weather! I would like to this to continue for a very long time…PLEASE! 



In the early evening on a pretty day, you can usually find us out front playing and waiting for daddy to come home! They are checking out a neighbor who came over to say hi!


Zane: “What is nibbling on my foot?”



I forgot to post this pic in the Easter post so here it is...First Easter egg hunt!



Heather said...

My goodness! They are precious! We've had the boys out on a blanket outside too, it's been so nice.

Amanda said...

Hi Suzanne! The little ones are so precious and I can't believe how big they are already! We will have to get together soon so you can give me all your fun aunt tips:) Tell everyone hi for me!! Take care, Amanda Gray