Friday, April 30, 2010

Pool time…a lesson learned!

Today we headed to Aunt Sarah’s for a little water fun…or so we thought! Sarah and Blakeley set up the “pool” while I fed the babies, Blakeley ate her lunch and Sarah and I ate ours.  Then we dressed all the babies in their swim diapers, put on suits, and headed out.  All the babies fed, dressed, and pool set up…sounds perfect right! Wrong.  After 30 minutes of prep time we spent a total of 5 minutes out in the water!

Finley took to the water pretty easily but once splashed…burst into tears! Zane didn’t like the water temp! So after 5 minutes I had 2 screaming babies…I dried them off, changed into real diapers, put clothes on, and put them down for a nap! Mommy was wiped out!

Although it wasn’t a huge success, we did learn a lot from the experience!

  1. Let the water sit for a bit in the sun so it is nice and warm
  2. Fuggetabout the swim suits when at home!
  3. If I can’t do the backyard “pool” alone, there is no way I can go to a big pool alone!

We did manage to snap a few pics…they looked so cute in their suits!

 IMG_0259IMG_0254  IMG_0261 IMG_0263 IMG_0266

Blakeley loved it!


All done!


For about 10 minutes we all the babies were asleep at the same time! Ahhh!


Kira Willingham said...

Yes, they sure do look cute in their swimsuits!! Live and learn...

Jolyn said...

Agreed. I did the pool again yesterday and Colin swam naked. No more swim diapers or bathing suits for him. It's WAY easier in the ole birthday suit. ALSO, I boiled 2 pots of water and threw them in the pool while the hose was running (kinda takes the sting out). Best of luck for next time!

ps Finley's suit is ADORABLE!!!!!

Jolyn said...

Maybe I should clarify - I put the boiling h20 in the pool before the baby. And I did a temp check before the toe dipping.

Heather said...

They look adorable! But I know what you mean. Sometimes it's exhausting trying to do things with both of them. I make jokes about parents of singletons that they can at least hand the baby to the other parent. When you have twins, the other parent usually has baby #2!!!