Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11 months!

One month away from a year old…no way!!

IMG_4004a IMG_3984a IMG_3987a IMG_3992a

Here’s what has been going on…

  • I just love watching you play and “talk” to each other! I try to chime in, but you are enjoying each other so much right now! You talk back an forth and say “deedeedada” “nahnahdeedee” and I respond with my own “deedeedaadada” too! It is just too funny to listen too! I am sure we sound funny walking out in public “talking” to each other!
  • Finley has been testing out standing on her own lately by taking her hands off  and balancing! Just yesterday she stood up without holding on to anything a few times! She even took 2 tiny steps a couple of times!
  • Zane is also beginning to test out standing on his own!  They are going to be chasing after each other in no time!
  • Zane’s favorite toy object is the whisk!! Maybe we have a chef on our hands!!! Mommy would love some help in the kitchen that is for sure!
  • Finley’s favorite toy is whatever toy Zane has!!
  • You are now drinking formula from a sippy cup in the morning and at noon! You are still getting your bedtime bottle!
  • Finley still sucks her thumb and puts her other hand to her ear…it is the sweetest thing.  BTW, momma used to do the same thing!
  • Zane still sports the Hook ‘Em sign when he sucks his 2 fingers!
  • They got their first cold this month…boo! Not so fun. 2 snotty noses=yuck!
  • You are becoming very opinionated lately…regarding foods, activities, or dislike when an object that you are not supposed to have is taken away!!!
  • When out, Zane will smile and wave to everyone while Finley just stares them down!!
  • I am now able to make 2 stops  (ex. grocery AND hobby lobby) when we are out running errands…thank you!!!!
  • Just yesterday Zane walked all around the house with the push toy!

You are both growing so fast!! It is amazing to watch these changes as they occur…I am one lucky mommy!! I love you more and more every day!