Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just moved!

A while a ago I mentioned that I’d explain why we have been so busy….well, here it goes!

We have been dreaming of adding on to our house for a while now and we are finally going to do it!  We have had the plans for a bit but could not do it right away…and then the babies came so we really couldn’t do it for a while.  Well, the process has now begun…permits applied for, cleared out the house, neighbors on board…we are so excited!!!





I have been packing slowly for about  a month and we just moved this week.  I could not have done it with out the help of my family and friends! GG helped with packing and packing supplies and more, and Grammy came in to help with the move and offered their lovely Austin rental house! We are so lucky…it is a great house in a super area and the neighbors are fantastic!!!

Finley and Zane have been great helpers too! They spent spent moving day at their cousins house and loved it…thank you so much, Aunt Sarah and Grammy!

 IMG_4096 IMG_4109

Of course, we have no rain for weeks and then the forecast calls for rain on moving day! I was hoping for a typical weatherman mistake, but they were right on…rained all morning during the move! The movers were great and even beat their estimated time despite the rain! We are settled in and enjoying our temporary digs!


Finley, Zane, Tank, and Vader are loving the extra space…and so is momma!


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