Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Signing Time with Finley and Zane!!

Feeding 2 babies has pretty much always been challenging!  So early on I started signing here and there during meal times, but it is hard to do while feeding them both at the same time and they just didn’t seem interested! Tonight was different! Zane asked for “more”…shocking, I know.  What can I say the boy likes to eat!

Signs that I have been using are eat, milk, more, all done,  and cookie. 

Boys and girls are SO different especially when it comes to eating! Finley eats off of a plate picking up one piece at a time! Zane would finish his meal in 3 handfuls if I put a plate in from of him so I am still giving him a little at a time!

I love these 2 so very much!!!!

Sorry the video is so long…I didn’t have the time to edit it!

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Amy said...

Babies these days are so smart... I am so impressed!