Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh deer!!

GG brought some fun Christmas things last week such as snowmen straws, a stuffed Santa, and 2 blow up reindeer! The poor deer have taken a beating though…

IMG_5890IMG_5891IMG_5889    IMG_5917

One tough reindeer!



We have also made some changes to our decorations…baby proofing our decor this year! The tree has been tied back…

Finley and Zane have been exploring the tree just a bit but thankfully they aren’t too interested in it! Finley even started decorating it…with a DIAPER!

 IMG_5900 IMG_5904IMG_5905

I have yet to decorate the tree…I just wanted to see if how Finley and Zane reacted to it! So far so good!

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Heather said...

Thanks for the reminder to us to tie back the tree! And the idea to see how our boys react to the tree undecorated first. We'll be doing these things definitely now that I saw your post. It's been 9 years since we had a toddler in our house. You really do forget what you did before. The one thing that we did for decorating that I do remember, is we have plastic Muppet/Sesame Street ornaments that we put on the bottom of the tree and the breakable stuff went up high. That worked great with a singleton girl toddler. We'll see how two boys take to that, or if they can figure out how to destroy what's up high.