Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello Again!

Sorry for my absence, but my computer finally crashed.  It is at the repair shop and we are still waiting to hear its fate.  In the meantime I have been borrowing Gary computer which he had just gotten wiped clean…so I have no access to my programs, bookmarks, files, etc.  ARG! Back up your computer TODAY!!

We have been busy getting ready for the holidays and getting over our first ear infections…BOO.  Everyone in our house was sick at the same time…so not fun!

While we were quarantined we had to get a little creative! I was breaking down a box and both Finley and Zane laughed hysterically as they would run or crawl through! The funniest was when mom went through!! It has now become a new piece of furniture in our house…whatever works, right!!!

Picture 017 Picture 012 Picture 014 Picture 015 Picture 016

I hope everyone is staying healthy!!


Amy said...

I love that Finley wears bows with her jammies :)

Suzanne said...

Heehee! She has to because her hair is growing so long that it covers her eyes!! And I gotta tame that beadhead in the morning some way!!