Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gearing up for summer!

So based on our visit to the splash pad and the failed attempts at the backyard baby pools, I am working on fostering a love of water for Finley and Zane! (Just to clarify...they love their nice warm water in the bath tub but not so much with the colder water elsewhere)! This Momma hopes to be spending many days at the pool or splash pad this summer! So as I was cleaning out the yucky mess that the rain had left in our water tables, Finely and Zane showed some interest in the the hose and bubbles that the soap was creating. So I let Zane hold the hose and put some bubbles in the water table! They got all nice and soaked while playing in the COLD water! I'd say that is progress!

Zane is so proud!

Finley enjoyed washing the pinwheels!

Tank and Vader enjoyed the company outside too...and the water in the water tables! They were pretty thirsty from the 100 degree heat!

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Heather said...

So cute! Looks like they had lots of fun.