Friday, May 6, 2011

18 month update (at 19+ months)

Better late than never, right?!?! What can I say these 2 little munchkins are keeping me pretty busy these days. We have been plagued by more ear infections this month so I have pretty much moved into the pediatrician's office! We also had their 18 month check up on 4.15.11. the stats are as follows:


  • weight-23.6 lbs
  • height-31 3/8 in
  • head-46.2
  • She is very proportional as everything was within the 25-50 percentile.


  • weight-23.8 lbs
  • height-31 1/8 in
  • head-46.2
  • He is proportional as well with measurements within the 10-25 percentile.

Now on to the fun stuff...what are they doing now!!!

You are each others best friend...It makes me so happy when you crack each other up. You can be sitting in the car seats and playing peek-a-boo or reaching for each others hand. Or sitting in the double stroller peeking through the middle. Or peeking around a chair to play yet another game of peek-a-boo. Or laughing at each other in your cribs. Your laughter is precious and beautiful.

You can also be not so nice to each other...Zane, I am finding that you think it is funny to sit on your sister. Finley, you think this is not so funny.

Finley, you are pretty much repeating everything. You are also putting some 2 words together on our own..."mommy's car", "shoe on", etc.

Zane, you are now making wants known by asking for them!! Most of the time you want snack, water, daddy, up, milk!

You both love to play outside and protest when it is time to go inside. I can now take you to the park by is certainly a workout for me though!

You love your movies in the car. As much as I miss my radio, it is nice to be able to sing along with Elmo, Baby Einstein, or Thomas the Train as you enjoy your songs!

You both hate to have your face wiped after a meal...that is non-negotiable, I am sorry!

Zane, you love to throw things right now...balls, books, food, milk, you name it!

Finley, you are showing determination. You will sit and try to do things on your own...put a shape through a shape sorter, fit that puzzle piece in, take you shoes off and put a different pair on (my little fashionista!).

Zane, you LOVED your first time "hiking"...we went checked out a trail by a neighborhood park and you walked with such confidence in the "woods" and looked up at me with the sweetest smile. You were so proud!

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