Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Like School! ...written by mommy

We are just 2 weeks into the school year. Overall things are going well with the exception of drop offs for little Z! I know the magic # is 3 weeks so I am hoping by the end of next week drop off will be tear-free! Today they both walked in holding my hand and made it to the classroom without any tears, then a simple "good morning!" from his teacher was all it took...wahhahh! Baby steps!

The teacher in me came out and I created an "I Like School" book to brainwash remind Z of all the positives about school! He loves the book and his favorite page is his teachers!! We will get day!!!

Here are a few excerpts...


Shannon said...

This is so funny, and so creative. I love it. :)

Ashley said...

That is the best idea! I love it!

Cherie L said...

Hi Suzanne-
Love this book. I've been following your story for a while since our egg retrieval/transfer dates were the same. I had twins too, Emily and John. Your blog has inspired me to document my journey. I love the fact that you can look back and see all the things you and your family have done and it's all in one place! Just wanted to say HI all these years and say what a wonderful family you have.
I just started my blog, but it is