Sunday, August 2, 2009

30 weeks

We have made it to the thirties!!!!!!  Let’s keep going! I have been very good and staying off my feet as much as possible.  My poor couch cushions have taken a beating!! Here is my growing belly…


Things that are happening:

  • Tons of movement from the babies…I think they are officially competing for space now.
  • Horrible heartburn continues.
  • Tightening of the tummy when standing
  • Bought a shower stool for the shower…genius!
  • Making “to do” lists out the whazoo! What else do I have to do all day!
  • Loving Netflix…as a new member, it is keeping me sane!
  • My poor ribs…really just my left side.  Finley is using them as a pillow.
  • Never have I done so much online shopping!

I just want to say how lucky I am to have the best friends and family EVER!  My friends and family are bringing food over, coming over to just hang out, running errands and so much more. 


I am looking forward to my appts this week! Will update after we have more info!


Amy said...

Yay for the 30's!!! :)

Cassandra said...

Happy 30th!

Thanks for the idea for the shower stool. I had a heck of a time shaving my legs yesterday, and I know it will only get worse.

Looking great!

Ashley Hight said...

The shower stool! That is a GREAT idea!
Glad to hear you made it to the 30s!
I'm home everyday, so please email/call me if I can bring you anything. :)

karen said...

OOOH My Gosh!!! Sibling Rivalry!! at such an early age!! I already knew that yours and Garys kids would be precocious!!!
You all are in my prayers, Karen

Kelley and Carl Loredo said...

Congrats - that is great! Beware of that tummy tightening:) So glad you are laying down as much as possible - better at home than in the hospital!

Brooke said...

Sorry had to be done you are nominated on my blog, I was afraid I would jinx myself if I didnt comply.