Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy 2 month birthday!!



2 month update:

  • Got non-gas smiles from both on Monday, November 16th.
  • Exploring the play mat and bouncy chair toys more.
  • Slept almost 3.5 hours straight last night! Let’s hope they keep increasing now!
  • Just too cute for words!

We don’t go for their 2 month appt for another couple of weeks, so no stats to report.  I may try to go weigh them today if we get a chance…I am just so curious!


Sarah and Brant said...

Happy 2 month bday sweet, precious Finley and Zane! xoxo,
Aunt Sarah and Cousin Blakeley

jtarver said...

Finley and Zane are absolutely adorable!!!