Monday, July 27, 2009

Peri appt update

I went in for my appt with the Perinatologist this morning.  First thing first…I got to see the babies and they look great!  The doc is estimating their weight to be about 3 1/2 lbs.  We will be doing a growth scan next appt!

And then…we did another fetal fibronectin test and this week it came back positive.  A positive result really means that there is a percentage that I may possibly go into preterm labor within 1-3 weeks , but I may not (very vague I know).  It may also be a false positive, so we are just being extra cautious…I will continue to be a couch potato!

And now for my dilemma…to do a full course of steroid shots or not.  I certainly know the benefits of the shots for helping lung development.  But it concerns me if I have to do multiple rounds. If anyone has any advice/input, please share!


Cassandra said...

That's a tough one. Personally I would base my decision on how often I'm seeing the doc, how likely it is that they could slow down/stop preterm labor, and how much time we'd have to administer steroids if they couldn't stop labor.

I'm also wondering if they did shots now, then preterm labor happened in for example 3 weeks but there wasn't time for more shots, whether these shots would have made an impact on their lungs or whether it would have worn off by then.

You don't need to answer these questions for me; these are just the things I'd be asking my own doc in this situation.

Good luck!!!

Larisa said...

I don't have any advice about the shots.

Just hoping you keep those babies cooking a lot longer.

Ticey said...

I had to deliver the twins at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia and I was given both steriod shots that weekend before I delivered when they realized there was a pretty good chance that we'd have to deliver the babies within the next day or two. Didn't look like I'd be able to hold out too long!I think you have to wait 12 hours in between shots and I believe you only need two for the full effect, but don't quote me because I was also under the influence of magnesium which leaves the world a little blurry! ;-) I'm very thankful for the shots as K & H had no breathing problems at all. I guess my suggestion would be to wait until closer to the time your doctor thinks you might be close to delivery.
I just went in for a routine appt on a Friday and had the babies on Monday morning, but they kept a close eye on me all weekend and the shots were given to me on Sunday. They're pretty good at gauging things.

meredith said...

We'll keep you all in our prayers! So happy to hear that Finley & Zane are growing so! Hope they keep putting on the lbs, and that they get to stay in your tummy for at least a while longer. You are absolutely glowing! xoxo all around!

Molly Beth said...

Hey I thought I posted this yesterday, but I guess I screwed up some how. Sorry about the positive, but like you said, it doesn't mean you will go into labor. How's your cervix? When I was having all my preterm stuff my dr said that he would only get super concerned if it was "bulging" meaning babies head was pressing on it. He said that he couldn't really explain it, but that my cervix didn't feel ready for labor(I was only 25w then). Also, with bedrest and meds, my cervix actually got better. And are you contracting much. If you are not, hopefully that is a good sign. I contracted hourly for weeks and amazingly held my little guy in. I know it's different with twins though.

As for the steroids, my dr said to hold off, even when I was contracting and cervical shortening. He explained that too much isn't better, that basically there is this window when the shots help, then not so much. I don't know if this is just in his experience or what, but we opted to wait. I think considering the care you can get in the area you live, it would probably be ok to wait. They can likely slow down your labor enough to get at least one dose in. It was my understanding that doing them early doesn't necessarily help if you deliver in say 4 weeks, but again this is all just my understanding. What did the peri think you should do? What did he see as best case choice? If you trust him, I'd put a lot of weight in what he says.

Brooke said...

Ironically I work in diagnostic sales and one of my products is FFN. Have you had a recent CL done? Often MFM's will use both measurements as a way to figure out the so called risk. If they havent already done so that may be a good thing to ask. I have seen many docs administer steroids with a positive as well as just keep on bedrest. I am sure they have a protocol for the next steps. If you have any questions please do not hesistate to ask. You may find some relief and answers at our website. Best of luck, love the new pictures