Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pugs on a rug

The Pugs are really enjoying the new rug in the nursery!  It is a perfect fit and super soft…best thing about it is that I got it on sale for $150 at West Elm!

It will be great for tummy time and when they are learning to sit up!


We go in for an ultrasound on Friday and I can not wait! I hope the babies are growing and developing just as they should be!  Stay tuned full report Friday afternoon!


Kelley and Carl Loredo said...

Awesome pic! Love how the room has turned-out! I can't believe how much time has passed already. Still feeling ok? Sarah filled me in on everything going on earlier in your pregnancy...I was nervous for you for a bit! You look great! Keep me posted on what you decided with the strollers. Also, did Sarah convince you to just use the little Fisher Price seats instead of the big high chairs? I love them and can't wait to get rid of my high chairs. My table has a place where A&G can push off with their feet, and Ainsley has actually pushed her chair all the way over, so they still have to use the trays. No placements or plates for them yet! lol

Amy said...

I love the rug! I, too, am excited for your sonogram... I love the updates! I hope one day they love their Aunt Amy as much as I already love them! :)

Heather said...

Love this pic! It's like the dogs are not only enjoying the new rug, but looking at the crib and then looking back at you like "What's going to happen here? I think this is going to change our life forever."

Carrie Darney said...

That is the cutest nursery ever! I love it!

I went to high school with Kelley so that is where I came from. I second the fisher price seats! My little boy is 2 and uses it as a booster now.

Take good care of yourself!!