Monday, July 13, 2009

Perinatologist appt update

What a morning! I got up this morning to welcome the Bug man to do the regular treatment...he was supposed to be here between 8-10 and he was here at 7:45!!! Then I started calling the Peri's office at 8:30 to try to make an appt. They said that the only way I could get in this week was if my OB called them...thank goodness my OB's office answered and they called right away. At 9:00, my OB called and said that if I could get there in 15 min that they could see me...I said "I am walking out the door!"

The appt was very thorough. They did an ultrasound and took some measurements of the bebes, then he did a fetal fibronectin test to test for a protein that is present in pre-term labor, then did a digital cervical check (meaning with his was my first one!), then measured the cervix with a vaginal sonogram, and finally they monitored my belly for any contractions.

My cervix is about half way open from the top of the cervix and is thinning out a bit at the bottom. He did go ahead and give me a steroid shot to help development of bebes lungs. We are waiting to hear the reults from the fetal fibronectin test to determine further treatment (if I need to go in tomorrow for my 2nd shot). As of right now, I am still taking it easy, praying for a negative fetal fibronectin test, and will be horizontal as much as I can...anything to keep them in longer!

UPDATE: The fetal fibronectin test came back negative!!!!!!!! WHEW! I go back in 2 weeks to see the peri.


Molly Beth said...

Hi, I have been following you since your IUI days and saw the same dr as you I believe. I think I have commented before, but wasn't sure. I had one heck of a pg myself, though it was a singleton. I had contractions starting at 19w and then cervical changes at 24. I believe I measured 25mm on cervical length, you had said you measured about that too. After that, I had the FFT at 25w and it was negative too! I was on bedrest and meds until 34w. I know it is so tough and scary, but wanted to offer encouragement. My little guy hung on until 38w, even through all of that and a surgery for me at 31w. Hoping the best for you and your bebes!

Anything is possible said...

Hang in there, Suzanne! I am so glad to hear that the Fetal Fibronectin came back negative!

Oodles of love!!!!

Benny said...

Hi Suzanne, I came across your blog while looking for bloggers that have had ffn's. Ironically I work for the company that manufactures ffn to obs and mfm's I have just started my first IVF cycle. I am so happy to find blogs like yours, best of luck!!